Bourne Bombshells

We are the Bourne Bombshells, a Roller Derby team based in Eastbourne! If you would like to be involved, get in touch. If you are in a roller derby team or just love derby this is the place for you.

We take no credit for the pictures posted unless stated otherwise, if it is tagged "bourne bombshells" it is ours.

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Bombshells Lily Malicious, Rocky Bashova, Reckless Rowly, Drag N Fly, Bullet Bomber, Henriwrecker, Rihannah Crash, Jayne Zawmasika and Grumpy Locks appealing for new skaters in the local paper!
Rollergirls gone wild! Smash’er Fierce, Rocky Bashova, Lily Malicious, Jayne Zawmasika and Sassy McAwesome raising money for local charities in Hastings Pram Race, 2011
Smash’er Fierce prepares to take on Dreaded Shortcake, Rihannah Crash and Henriwrecker as they practice their dynamic walls!
A little bit of sibling rivalry between our very own Bullet Bomber & Drag N Fly!
The Bourne Bombshells hosting a training session with Kamikaze Kitten, with guests from the Basingstoke Bullets and Brighton Rockers!